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Claitec specialise in the implementation of industrial safety and accident prevention solutions.

Claitec Safety System


Pedestrian Alert System

Solution for the prevention of workplace accidents especially created for companies where there is a risk of accidents with pedestrians, whether that is company employees or other staff who share the workplace with forklift trucks.

The Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) is a solution that warns the forklift truck drivers when it detects pedestrians at adjustable distances from 0.5 to 6.5 metres. Pedestrians must wear electronic tags that are detected by a device on the forklift truck, warning the driver of the risk.


Low Speed Area

Trucks equipped with LSA systems automatically identify the area where they find themselves and send a speed limitation signal to the truck.

The Low-Speed Area solution (LSA) uses a panel of reflective coded bands, located on the roof of the doors or in areas where speed changes. When the forklift drives underneath the panel, the sensors decode the change in zone and proceed to activate the relay corresponding to that zone. It is possible to determine two different types of zones: Slow and Fast.

Claitec Safety System
Claitec Safety System


Collision Avoidance System

The Claitec’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS-G2) cautions forklift drivers of the presence of another truck. It is designed to reduce accidents in areas with heavy forklift traffic, as well as poor visibility of drivers.

The forklifts have to be equipped with the CAS-G2 device, which detects other trucks within the detection zones (configurable). So, whether the other truck is circulating in the “blind spot” of a curve, or whether it’s on the other side of an automatic gate, the CAS system will alert the driver so that he or she is aware of the presence of another vehicle is in its vicinity and thus use the appropriate caution.


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