The Collective Intelligence Group offers leading fleet data intelligence to mixed fleets through the Fleet iQ360 system.

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What is Fleet iQ360?

Fleet iQ360 was designed to optimize forklift productivity for large-scale
end users. Fleet iQ360 is a superior system for recording, compiling and presenting data that is critical to carrying out pre-operation checks, performance and utilization level analysis, and damage reports.

With its user-friendly interface, Fleet iQ360 can report real-time status of vehicles and driver performance directly to smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computers. This fully customizable system puts businesses in total control of their fleet operations allowing them to achieve new standards of health and safety compliance, cost efficiency, and accountability.

Fleet iQ360 from The Collective Intelligence Group

Driver Access Control

Fleet iQ360 allows only licensed, qualified, and trained drivers to operate the vehicles by using either RFID card, fob or PIN.

Accident Sensing and Reports

Fleet iQ360 is calibrated to recognize low and high level accidents and to report the vehicle, location, and time of the accident. Alerts are sent to supervisors, and vehicles can be placed in safe mode until the supervisor assesses the situation.

Vehicle Safety Pre-Shift Check

Fleet iQ360 puts safety first starting from the beginning of the first shift. With a customisable pre-shift vehicle checklist, Fleet iQ360 automates a report of completed, incompleted, or failed pre-shift check points.
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Fleet iQ360 Fleet Management Software in use


Why choose Fleet iQ360?

Fleet iQ360 is perfect for mixed fleets and can be installed on any brand and model of forklift truck. Customers who are continuously optimizing their fleet through short and long term hire can now use the one system to monitor an ever changing dynamic fleet. Fleet iQ360 has been designed and is continuously improved with the driver’s safety in mind.

The Fleet iQ360 system is built upon the strong foundation of over 10 years of industry experience collaborating with customers in the materials handling industry. The functionality of the Fleet iQ360 interface and website has and always will be co-designed with our customers. Innovation is driven by the customer.

Fleet iQ360 Forklift Management Software in use
Fleet iQ360 in use
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Fleet iQ360 Fleet Management Software, Forklift Telematics
Fleet iQ360 in use
Fleet iQ360 Fleet Management Software in use


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