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Collective Intelligence is a value driven organisation established to drive social change through disruptive, smart collaborations with like minded entrepreneurs and investors.

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Where entrepreneurial knowledge, intelligence and experience combine to drive social change through disruptive innovation.

In today’s hypercompetitive and ever changing business environment, organisations face a paradoxical challenge of functioning profitably while innovating to meet their social obligations required for sustaining the planet’s ecosystem.

Aware of their limitations, business owners are increasingly looking outwards for solutions to help them close the gap between delivering shareholder profits and managing community expectations.

Collective Intelligence is a value driven organisation established to drive social change through disruptive, smart collaborations with like minded entrepreneurs and investors.

The shared intelligence which emerges from the Collective IQ, creates synergies which empower entrepreneurs to create profitable businesses which fuel employment growth and are environmentally sustainable.

If you are an entrepreneur with a wealth of business knowledge, an investor seeking new investment opportunities, or are seeking the guidance of a team of experts to grow a profitable and socially responsible business, we encourage you to connect with us and explore the opportunity of collaborating together for creating innovative, and dynamic enterprises committed to making the planet a better place to live in.


Innovative businesses like Uber and Airbnb have revolutionised the taxi and accommodation businesses.

The success of these disruptive businesses has sparked an interest among Australian entrepreneurs who are increasingly excited about the prospects of engineering their success by implementing such initiatives.


Business owners with a higher purpose of serving humanity are increasingly looking at new ideas and disruptive innovations.

Driving change in most businesses isn’t easy. There are several obstacles which businesses need to overcome in an effort to drive social change through innovation.


Innovative ideas often stay dormant because innovators seldom have the resources, business acumen, money or time to execute their ideas.

Those who take action but don’t realise their dream find themselves underprepared simply waste their money and time. Converting an innovative idea into a reality is a difficult task.


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Our mission is to drive social change through life saving collaborations and implementing systems to improve safety, compliance, utilisation and convenience in business and other organisations.


Collective Intelligence is committed to driving social change through disruptive, smart collaborations with like minded entrepreneurs. We do this by leveraging our wide network of thought leaders from a cross-section of professions.


The essence of our model is to foster social change through collaboration. The trend in social enterprise is collaboration and can be seen everywhere.


Our vision is to build a stronger, more resilient and less conflicted planet for our children


Our values are central to the organisation and are more than just ethics and compliance.


While acknowledging the need for profitability, Collective Intelligence was set up to accomplish a higher social purpose…in simple terms, being enlightened beyond business.

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