Banner Fleet iQ360 Forklift iQ360 Improve efficiency and safety with our systems With our telematics systems installed on your forklifts and industrial equipment, we will provide you with an enhanced knowledge of the interaction between your trucks, operators and working environment in real time. THE COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE GROUP
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Get information on your trucks, operators and working environment in real-time.


The Collective Intelligence Group

Collective Intelligence Group’s core focus and values are about helping industries that suffer from inefficiencies related to stringent compliance and regulation requirements. Our systems are all based around making work safer and saving your business time and money.

Objective data informing life saving decisions
Increasing efficiency and improving safety
Monitoring and delivering measurable outcomes with IOT
End to end supply chain visibility
Forklift Safety, Forklift accidents
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Increase safety

Do you know who’s operating your forklifts? Increase safety with operator access control so only fully trained and authorised operators can use your trucks.

Save time & money

Tracking daily operator activity, supervisors can easily detect safety infringements and performance inefficiencies helping you save time and money.

Maximise efficiency

You can increase the efficiency of your fleet by seeing real-time reports. Monitor vehicle and driver performance allowing you to minimise productivity loss.
Forklift iQ360 Fleet Management Software, Forklift Telematics

The Collective Intelligence Group offers leading fleet data intelligence to mixed fleets through the Forklift iQ360’s system.

Our comprehensive fleet management system provides your business with efficient three-way communication between supervisors, forklift vehicles, and drivers.

Increase safety with operator access control
Pre-shift checks on your entire forklift fleet
Session time reporting - ability to keep track of any time used
Impact reporting - keeping track of accidents that have occurred
Live incident reporting

Fleet iQ360 was designed to optimize forklift productivity for large-scale end users. Fleet iQ360 is a superior system for recording, compiling and presenting data that is critical to carrying out pre-shift checks, performance and utilization level analysis and impact reports.

Access only for authorized trained drivers
Pre-shift checks specific to your operations
Impact reporting - keeping track of impacts that have occurred
Detailed fleet management reporting, through CAN bus if available or digital inputs to measure traction time, time on seat, time using hydraulics plus others
GPS location tracking
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Collective Intelligence
Global Offices

We have offices worldwide to help assist our customers all over the globe. Our head office is based in Australia with other offices in the UK and USA. Our goal is to make workplaces safer by introducing new technology and in doing so making work more efficient and life-enhancing.


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