Retrofitting your forklifts with our latest telematics systems can provide valuable insight, help to improve operational productivity and save money.

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Why Retrofit Your Fleet?

Telematics is not only reserved for new equipment, retrofitting your forklifts with our latest telematics systems provides your business with improved fleet knowledge, helping you reduce long-term costs, improve efficiency and increase workplace safety.

Measure driver productivity and utilization of your fleet.
Impact alerts to reduce damage and mistreatment of forklifts.
Built-in GPS to easily locate your equipment on large or multi-site operations.
Prevent unauthorized operator access.

The Benefits

With more companies now more than ever looking at extending the life of their forklift and warehousing equipment fleets, our systems have been developed to be transferable so you can easily receive the full benefits from telematics on your forklifts regardless of their age or make. The advantages of retaining an older forklift fleet can sometimes be clouded by the potential for more breakdowns and machine malfunctions.

Our Forklift iQ360 and Fleet iQ360 systems can help minimize any downtime by allowing for immediate countermeasures to be taken in response to any issues that appear.

Increased Safety

Pre-operational checks have to be completed via our systems in order for operators to use your machines. Once completed, our systems then monitor and report on operator performance. Impact alerts and other notifications are sent to management if vehicles are involved in damage or safety-related incidents.

Control Costs

By collecting data in real-time our telematics systems can provide individualized reporting. This information resource can prevent mistreatment of forklifts leading to lower repair costs to both vehicles and warehouse property as well as increasing uptime. This can also lead to reduced operator turnover and reduced training costs to the business.

Improved Productivity

Our forklift telematics measure vehicle and driver productivity so you see an immediate increase in driver performance and output using the system. By tracking daily operator activity, supervisors can easily detect safety violations and performance inefficiencies, helping minimize any decreases in productivity levels.
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